The sky is totally managed by the Air traffic controller. He tells the pilot when to start, where to taxi, when to take off, what speed to fly and what height to maintain to ensure adequate separation between aeroplanes-he tells him when to descend, how fast to descend, what the weather at destination is, he clears him to land and tells him how to taxi his aeroplane to the parking slot, so that his passengers can disembark safely at journey's end.

The quantum of faith that the pilot has to have on the Controller is difficult to explain, even more difficult to understand - a kind of faith that may not move mountain but would yet get you home from the storm laden skies when your skills are taxed to the limit, and the relief and solace given by the Controller becomes your solitary source of comfort.

No professional Captain worth his salt would hesitate in expressing his gratitude to the Controller, not for once, but for the many times the Controller guided him and gave him the precise instruction to safely bring his aeroplane home.

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