ATS Reporting Office Operational Initiation of the flight.

Here in this Office the Pilot or his representative (Flight Dispatcher) will submit Flight Plan (FPL) to the ARO (ATS Reporting Officer or commonly known as Briefing Officer). New ATC Complex DelhiARO will check to ensure that the Crew has been briefed about the meteorological conditions, Communication/ Navigation Facilities etc. Then he will brief the crew about the ATC requirements and facilitations for the route sector of the planned flight . Once that all is done ARO will accept the flight plan and will return a copy of the same bearing his initials as an indication of the flight plan being accepted by the ATC. Control Tower Delhi - Display UnitsARO will then intimate the Military Liaison Unit (MLU) about the planned flight, and will put the FPL for transmission to all such Units/ Stations which may be required to assist the aircraft during its flight, directly or indirectly. This flight plan will now be received by all those ATC Units in whose jurisdiction the aircraft is likely to be during its flight.

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