In order to initiate the flight there are quite a few preparations to be made. The aircraft itself will be checked in all respects by the Aircraft Engineers to make sure Airbus 300 - Aircraft on Runwaythat the machine is working fine. The Flight Operations Department will workout the flight requirements by taking into consideration weather conditions/forecast at departure aerodrome, en-route, and at the destination. A Flight plan will be prepared wherein all these details as to what will be the route sectors, how much fuel will be needed for the route sectors, which airport the aircraft will divert to in case of any problem at the destination, what will be the fuel requirement for the destination, holding at destination, diversion to alternate aerodrome etc. will be calculated. Once all this is done, the cockpit-crew of the flight, (Pilot, Copilot) will be briefed about the flight. Now the Pilot in command will prepare a flight plan and carry the same to ATS Reporting Officer (This may be done by the flight dispatcher also) for submission of the flight plan.

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