Air traffic Controllers’ Guild India, the esteemed institution was established in 1964, since then this association is known for its legacy. ATC Guild has brought many laurels for Civil Aviation in India in general and for Air Traffic Controllers in particular.
Looking into the past, it was felt by CEC to start a welfare scheme for its membership as a lifetime relationship. CEC ATC Guild India launched BSWS in remembrance of our beloved veteran leader Late Shri Brijendra Shekhar effective from 1st January 2021.
Brijendra Shekhar Welfare Scheme (BSWS) is the revolutionary step for our ATC Guild India membership to provide voluntarily financial assistance to the family of deceased ATC Guild member and to felicitate the ATC Guild members on superannuation day.


The BSWS corpus fund will be created with voluntarily contribution from individual subscribers and this fund will be used for two major welfare measures for BSWS members:
1. Financial assistance of ₹20 lacs to the family member (declared nominee by member) in case of untimely/unnatural death.
2. Superannuation memorabilia of upto Rs.10000 to ATC Guild member.

Individual voluntarily contribution:

An ATC Guild member who wish to join this scheme on voluntarily basis has to contribute ₹3072.50/ towards the BSWS corpus fund, which includes
₹3000 (Contribution toward Financial Assistance)
+ ₹60 (Processing Fees)
+ ₹12.5 (GST on processing Fees)
Total = ₹3072.50/- per member.

Terms & Conditions:

All members of ATC Guild India with their membership status current upto the previous quarter will be eligible for this scheme. We expect 100% volunteer participation of all members but for members who does not want to be part of it can send their unwillingness to General Secretary, ATC Guild (I), For eligibility the following points are to be taken care of:
1. Volunteer Members: shall be a member of ATC Guild India with all dues cleared upto the previous quarter from the date of claim.
2. All non-members who wish to participate in BSWS shall become ATC Guild member by clearing their entire dues.
3. A person shall pay all latest contribution requests generated by BSWS Council for fund recoupment to be the beneficiary of this scheme. Failing in paying the contribution for fund recoupment will result in non-subscription to BSW Scheme automatically.

Refund and cancellation Policy:

Members must be serious before taking BSWS subscription. Once the volunteer contribution payment is done, cancellation from the scheme membership is not permitted till latest contribution requests generated by BSWS Council for fund recoupment. Hence No Refund of Contribution shall be applicable under any circumstances. BSWS Council will reserve all the rights to cancel the membership in extreme cases subject to approval from BSWS Council member and the refund will be adjusted in Guild monthly subscription. The members hereby agree without any pressure with the above mentioned conditions of contribution payment, refund & cancellation before taking the membership of BSWS.


The claim settlement in case of demise of an ATC Guild member will be through following procedure: 1. Branch Secretary will send the details of deceased member to CEC along with the certification of current membership and details of contribution pay out to the Scheme.
2. The details of beneficiary sent by Branch secretary shall be ratified by Regional Secretary.
3. Regional Secretary will send the ratified details of member to BSWS Committee which consists the following members I. Two nominees from CEC
II. All Regional Secretaries
4. Once received, CEC will approve the release of Rs.20 lacs based on committee recommendations.


Branch Secretary shall send the list of superannuating ATC Guild members bi-annually for a period from 01st January to 30th June by 15th December of previous year and for the period from 01st July to 31st December by 15th June of the current year.
Regional Secretary shall ratify the current membership of ATC Guild member concerned and continued payment of BSWS contribution for BSWS fund recoupment. Regional Secretary shall submit it maximum by 25th December and 25th June for period from January-June and July to December respectively.
CEC will send the memorabilia to concerned Regional Secretaries for their region members. RS shall send it to concerned branches.


In case of any dispute, the decision of BSWS Council will be final

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