Commencing Descent

"Webtown Control - Netair Zero Zero One - Cybercity to Webtown Maintaining Flight Level Three Three Zero - Estimating CYWEB at two four, your field at Four Five" - your Flight initiates contact with Webtown Control and gives its position and estimated time of arrival at Webtown.
"Netair Zero Zero One - Webtown control - Roger cleared to Webtown VOR via CYWEB, Radial Two Niner Four (294) Whiskey Echo Bravo - report Crossing CYWEB - number six in arrival sequence Expected Approach Time zero five." -Webtown control replies and informs your flight that there may be a delay of about twenty minutes for your flight to initiate its approach after reaching over webtown airport, as there are five more flights ahead of your flight.
"Webtown Control - Netair Zero Zero One - Roger number six, may we reduce speed to lose time" - Netair001says.
"Netair Zero Zero One - Webtown control - Roger speed reduction approved, expect hold over Whiskey Echo Bravo Vee O aaR, report for descent." - Webtown Control replies.
"Will call you for descend - Netair Zero Zero One" - your flight.
"Webtown Control - Netair Zero Zero One - Checked CYWEB at two five revise estimate your field at four niner" -Netair001gives position update.
"Netair Zero Zero One - Webtown control - Roger" - Area Controller acknowledges.
"Control - Netair Zero Zero One - seven zero miles one Dee eM Ee request descent from Three Three Zero" - Netair001 requests descent.
"Netair Zero Zero One - Control - Roger, descent to Flight Level one eight zero, Expect ILS approach runway two six report joining hold" -Area Controller clears your flight to descend.
"Control - Netair Zero Zero One - joining hold now at five two, passing flight level one niner zero for one eight zero request further descent " - Netair001 reports joining hold.
"Netair Zero Zero One - Control - Roger, continue descent to Flight Level one one zero, report passing one two zero" - Area Controller.
"Control - Netair Zero Zero One - passing flight level one two zero for one one zero further descent " - Netair001
"Netair Zero Zero One - Control - maintain flight level one one zero, remain in hold, contact Webtown Approach One Two Seven decimal Five " - Area Controller releases your flight to the approach controller who will now takeover further responsibility and will assist your flight in commencing approach.

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