Instructions for Online Registration

Note: Online registration is mandatory for BSWS registration. Before initiating the BSWS fee, you must read the terms and conditions laid for the same, available at following link - BSWS terms and conditions
Note: Your membership to the BSWS is provisional. It will be confirmed after we get payment confirmation and will be published on atcguild.in website.

Terms & Conditions:

All members of ATC Guild India with their membership status current upto the previous quarter will be eligible for this scheme. We expect 100% volunteer participation of all members but for a member who does not want to be part of it can send their unwillingness to General Secretary, ATC Guild (I), for eligibility the following points are to be taken care of:

1. Volunteer Members: shall be a member of ATC Guild India with all dues cleared upto the previous quarter from the date of claim.
2. All non-members who wish to participate in BSWS shall become ATC Guild member by clearing their entire dues.
3. A person shall pay all latest contribution requests generated by BSWS Council for fund recoupment to be the beneficiary of this scheme. Failing in paying the contribution for fund recoupment will result in non-subscription to BSW Scheme automatically.

Refund and cancellation Policy:

Members must be serious before taking BSWS subscription. Once the volunteer contribution payment is done, cancellation from the scheme membership is not permitted till latest contribution requests generated by BSWS Council for fund recoupment. Hence No Refund of Contribution shall be applicable under any circumstances. BSWS Council will reserve all the rights to cancel the membership in extreme cases subject to approval from BSWS Council member and the refund will be adjusted in Guild monthly subscription. The members hereby agree without any pressure with the above mentioned conditions of contribution payment, refund & cancellation before taking the membership of BSWS.