Cruising at 33000 feet

"Cybercity Radar Netair Zero Zero One" - Your aircraft is now initiating its communication with Radar Controller.
Netair Zero Zero One - Cyber Radar - Identified Verify level four thousand (4000) feet" Radar Controller takes over control of your flight. Your aircraft which until now was in position wherefrom it could be seen physically by controller at SMC and TWR, is now visible only as a small glowing square (or other shape) on the Radar Screen of the controller.
"Radar -Netair Zero Zero One - passing four one zero zero (4100) feet now" - your Captain replies to the query of the Radar Controller.
"Netair Zero Zero One - Radar - Roger, Climb to flight level three three zero set heading to Juliet Alpha Papa, passing Flight Level one niner zero contact control one two five decimal six" - Radar Controller clears your flight to climb to 33000 feet and also clears your flight to proceed direct to VOR JAP and indicates that your flight is not likely to encounter any traffic within his jurisdiction and may changeover to Area Control once out of 19000 feet (His jurisdiction being only up to 20000 feet).
"Radar - Netair Zero Zero One - Roger direct to Vee O aaR, Changeover to Control at One Niner Zero" - replies your Captain, indicating that he understood the clearance by Radar Controller.
In about 8 to 9 minutes your flight is passing 19000 feet on its climb to 33000 feet and your captain calls out;
"Radar - Netair Zero Zero One now changing over to Control"
"Roger" - replies the Radar Controller and now you are on route to your destination.
"Cybercity Control - Netair Zero Zero One - on One Two Five Decimal Six Passing Flight Level Two Zero Five for Three Three Zero, direct to Juliet Alpha Papa" - your Captain calls Area Control and gives his position.
"Netair Zero Zero One - Cyber control - Identified Level Correct Maintain Flight Level Three Three Zero on reaching" - Area Controller
"Control Netair Zero Zero One - roger" - your Flight acknowledges.

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