Section 1 The union constituted in accordance with the provisions made in this constitution shall be known as “Air Traffic Controllers’ Guild (India)”.
Section 2 Short names “ATC Guild (India)” or “ATC Guild” or “ATCGI” or “Guild” would generally mean “Air Traffic Controllers’ Guild (India)”, when used in context with the air traffic control service, or ATC profession in India.
Section 3 This Constitution shall be called “Air Traffic Controllers’ Guild (India) Constitution” Part I MAIN LAWS & Part II BYE LAWS and its short title shall be “ATC Guild (India) Constitution” or simply “Guild Constitution”.
Section 4 It shall apply to all Members of the Guild wherever they may be.


Section 1 The terms used in this Constitution will carry the meaning as defined in the ICAO Annexes & DOCs, or Indian Aircraft Act 1934, or Indian Aircraft Rules 1937, or AIP India or as defined specifically by the Articles of this Constitution or by the Bylaws made under this constitution, unless the context otherwise specifies.
Section 2 For the purpose of provisions contained in this constitution “Air Traffic Controller” would mean a person who has undergone or is undergoing an approved/ prescribed course of training leading to profession of Air Traffic Control and/or is engaged in the profession of Air Traffic Control or in such profession as to eventually become an Air Traffic Controller (by General Definition - as defined in the ICAO Annexes & DOCs, Aircraft Manual - India).
Section 3 Word “profession” in this constitution would mean profession of air traffic control, unless context specifies otherwise.
Section 4 CHQ/RHQ shall mean Central Headquarter or Regional Headquarters of the organisation concerned.


Section 1 Generally,
a. To watch-over and protect, the honour and dignity of the profession, improving and enhancing its stature and outlook.
b. To Promote and maintain in the profession a high standard of efficiency and integrity
c. To collect, compile and disseminate information pertaining to the profession and publish the same in the form of journals, Papers, Pamphlets or otherwise
d. To Provide opportunity and facilities for the discussion and study by all or any person, of matters concerning or affecting Air Traffic Control and enlighten the public regarding the profession
Section 2 Guild shall strive;
a. To Safeguard and improve the conditions of service of the members of the Guild
b. To protect professional and personnel interest of the members and to compensate members for all and any loss arising out of any trade/industrial dispute
c. To extend all assistance and to compensate for all and any loss to each such member, who is persecuted or victimised for promoting interest of the Guild
d. To promote fraternal relations among members and maintain a high calibre of conduct and code of ethics for the ATC profession
e. To promote fraternal relations or seek affiliations with body associations or air traffic controllers, national and international
Section 3 Guild shall make efforts;
a. To promote discussion, facilitate exchange of information and raise the standard of knowledge of those engaged in the profession
b. To promote and maintain in all respects efficient and friendly co-operation between the profession and those who seek their livelihood or pleasure in the air traffic services.
c. To assist, whenever practicable, in carrying out any research or other scientific work, concerning aviation industry in general and ATS in particular.
Section 4 Guild shall nominate and make Air Traffic Controllers available;
a. To act as members of, or to hold seats on, or to give evidence before Commissions, Court of Enquiry, Committees or Boards of any description whatsoever governing, examining or other Authority and who will be available for advice or consultation of all question affecting the individual or collective business of its members in relation to Air Traffic Control or Judicial, commercial, Scientific, Educational, Technical, Legislative, or Administrative maters relating thereto.
b. To take up the cases of the members with the Authorities concerned on charges of violation and/ or adverse remarks against an Air Traffic Controller arising out of difference of opinion on the proper interpretation of Air Traffic Rules, or due to the defective planning of the system and adverse working conditions or improper applications of the rules or administration of personnel with a view to assist the authorities in establishing the real cause of the incident, correct course of action to be followed and suggesting ways and means of avoiding recurrence of similar incidents, whenever possible.
c. To act as members in standing committees as and when decided by the General Council / Central Council / Central Executive Council/REC as per the terms and conditions to be specifically formulated.
Section 5 Guild shall render efforts to make investigations into and to furnish assistance and advice to any person, body, or authority, of such nature which may be concerned or may affect the profession directly or indirectly on the issues such as;
a. Civil Air Regulations,
b. Design, Function and Location of navigation aid,
c. Design, Function and Application of the ATC equipments,
d. Evolution, Modification, and improvement of ATC procedures,
e. Adequate staffing of ATC Units and facilities,
f. Rules governing the administration of personnel / service conditions of Air Traffic Controllers.
Section 6
a. All properties and money belonging to the Guild shall be applied solely for the promotion of its objects as herein set-forth and/or objects specified in the Section 15 of the Trade Unions Act 1926(as amended from time to time), and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of profit to the members of the Guild. Except nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment made in good faith or remuneration to any member in return of any service rendered to the Guild.
b. The Guild shall rigidly exclude all questions of politics, general and local.

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