Article 2 - MEMBERSHIP

Clause A - MEMBER

Section 1 MEMBER shall be a person who having been admitted according to the provisions of this constitution shall have signed the membership form, and not in default of subscription dues as defined in Byelaws for 3 consecutive months or more.
Section 2 MEMBERSHIP is open to all Air Traffic Controllers of India wherever they may be working.


Section 1 Rights of the members shall be personal and non-transferable.
Section 2 All Members shall have right to vote, and will exercise this right, in the manner prescribed for, whenever voting is called for in any meeting of Guild, or otherwise.
Section 3 Only those members who are in the membership register of the Guild continuously for the last three years and who have not defaulted in paying subscription for three months or more shall be eligible for election to any office of the Guild.
Section 4 Member shall have inviolable right of information from Councils of Guild, on matters connected with Guild activities.
Section 5 Member shall have the right to criticise policy of the Guild, or action of any Council of the Guild or members thereof, and to make suggestions or proposals for the guidance of the Guild either at the meetings of Guild or through letters addressed to the General / Regional / Branch Secretary.


Section 1 All members shall abide by the Constitution of the Guild and implement all decisions of the Guild, as directed by the Councils.
Section 2 All members shall abide by the decisions of the Guild or Councils of Guild and assist Guild and its Councils to achieve smooth and efficient working of the Guild.
Section 3 All members shall attend all meetings of the Guild except when exempted on specific grounds.


Section 1 Any member of the Guild found to be working against the interest of the Guild may be suspended from the Guild by 2/3-majority vote of the Central Council after giving due opportunity to the Member concerned to clarify her/his position within reasonable time.
Section 2 The suspended member shall have the right of appeal by distributing a well-founded letter to the members of the General Council of Guild..
Section 3 It will be upto the General Council to decide in its meeting by 2/3 majority votes whether the member shall be expelled from the Guild.
Section 4 Any member offending the Constitution of the Guild shall at the discretion of the General Council be subject to admonition.


Section 1 A register of all members containing their name, date of birth, particulars of their employment, address of workplace and residence shall be maintained at the Central Headquarter of the Guild by CEC.
Section 2 Branch Council shall submit the details of the members as specified through a quarterly return to the Regional Council for onward transmission to the CEC.

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